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Poster Displays at Peer Reviewed Conferences

Here are some examples of posters submitted:

 AMEE, Prague 2008

 Learning to teach in medical settings: the significance of work-based learning, Dr Viv Cook

Example 1
Example 1 [PDF 1.41 MB]

AMEE Prague 2008

Can the introduction of peer-led PBL into a Case Based Learning environment lead to an increase in intrinsic motivation to study?  by Anshul Deshraj (BSc) and Dr Dason E. Evans

Example 2
Example 2 [PDF 103 KB]

AMEE Malaga 2009

E-Learning in medical education; a study of students' use and evaluation of an on-line psychiatry learning resource, by Sonal Mehta (BSc) and Dr Annie Cushing (PhD, BDS)

Example 3

AMEE Malaga 2009

The Value of Student Choice in the Modern Medical Curriculum - a study exploring student perceptions by Heena Pindoria and Martin Carrier

Example 4

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