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Director's Office

Professor Anthony Warrens - Dean for Education & Institute Director
Professor Bruce Kidd - Deputy Dean for Education
Professor Sandra Nicholson - Deputy Institute Director 
Mrs Christine Sofianos - Institute Manager 
Ms Sharon Otter - Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Ms Mina Akthar - Institute PA
Ms Farzana Ali - Institute Administrator
Dr Nick Croft - Deputy Head of Postgraduate (Taught)
Mr Neil Rayment - Postgraduate Manager

Centre for Medical Education

Professor Sandra Nicholson - Centre Lead
Ms Vanessa Thompson - Centre Administrator 
Dr Elspeth Alstead - Senior Lecturer / Head of Year 3
Dr Rachel Ashworth - Senior Lecturer in Medical Science
Dr John Brecknell - Senior Lecturer
Professor Jo Brown -Professor in Medical Education / Head of Quality
Dr Martin Carrier - Head of Graduate Entry Programme / Senior Tutor for Medical Admissions
Dr Mark Carroll - Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Jon Fuller - Senior Clinical Lecturer
Dr Danë Goodsman - Reader in Medical Education / Academic Lead for Prehospital Medical Education
Dr Nandini Hayes - Senior Lecturer in Medical Science
Dr Anne Hills - Senior Lecturer in Medical Science
Professor Bruce Kidd - Head of Year 4
Dr Wendy Lowe - Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Medical Education
Dr Julian Millar - Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
Dr Clare Morris - Professor in Medical Education Research and Development / Head of Research
Dr Esther Murray - Lecturer in Health Psychology
Dr Nimesh Patel - Senior Lecturer / Head of Assessment / Head of SSCs
Dr Mark Roberts - Lecturer in Biochemistry
Dr Lesley Robson - Reader / Head of Year 1 and 2
Dr Celia Woolf - Senior Lecturer in Interprofessional Teaching and Learning
Dr Nigel Yeatman - Senior Clinical Lecturer

Community Based Medical Education
Professor Anita Berlin - Academic Lead for CBME
Ms Maria Hayfron-Benjamin - Senior Lecturer in Medical Education / Year 1 and 2 Unit Convener
Dr Siobhan Cooke - Senior Lecturer / Year 4 Unit Convener
Dr Louise Younie - Clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Will Spiring - (Acting) Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Head of Year 5
Dr Jenny Blythe - Clinical Teaching Fellow / Year 3 Unit Convener
Dr Sabir Zaman - Clinical Teaching Fellow / Year 5 Unit Convener
Dr Dev Gadhvi - Clinical Teaching Fellow
Dr Daisy Campion - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Maternity leave)

Clinical, Communication and Learning Skills Unit
Professor Annie Cushing - Professor of Communication Skills, Head of Clinical, Communication and Learning Skills Unit
Dr Dason Evans - Senior Lecturer in Medical Education / Head of Clinical Skills
Mr Harvey Wells - Senior Lecturer in Clinical Communication Skills
Dr Helen Bintley - Lecturer in Clinical Skills
Dr Nisha Ehamparanathan - Lecturer in Clinical Skills 
Dr Devina Raval - Lecturer in Clinical Skills
Dr Riya George - Lecturer in Clinical Communication Skills
Dr James Cohen - Clinical Teaching Fellow

Turnbull Centre (Anatomy)
Dr Valerie FallonSenior Lecturer in Anatomy / Acting Director of Anatomical Studies
Dr Paula Vickerton - Lecturer in Anatomy 
Dr Catherine Molyneux - Reader  
Dr Sara Sana - Clinical Teaching Fellow in Anatomy
Dr Christopher Pieri - Clinical Teaching Fellow in Anatomy
Dr Timothy Lloyd - Clinical Teaching Fellow in Anatomy

Physician Associate Programme
Professor Sandra Nicholson - Programme Lead (Interim)
Professor Justine Strand de Oliveira - Professor of PA studies
Dr Vinodh Krishnamurthy Lecturer / PA / Admissions Tutor
Dr Arunthathi Mahendran - Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant Surgeon / Head of Year 2 / Principal Internal Examiner
Dr Monica Doshi - Lecturer / GP / Joint Head of Year 1 /Senior Internal Examiner Year 1
Dr Tariq Khan -Lecturer / GP / Lead for Community Medicine
Dr Elora Bose - Lecturer / GP / Senior Internal Examiner Year 2
Dr Mizanul Hoque - Lecturer / GP /  Senior Internal Examiner Year 2
Mrs Benice Danquah - Lecturer / PA
Mr Jon Jezak - Lecturer / Joint Head of Year 1 / Senior Internal Examiner Year 1
Dr Lucy Carter - Lecturer / GP
Dr Christopher Farnham - Honorary Senior Lecturer / Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Dr Peter Carter - Honorary Senior Lecturer / Consultant Psychiatrist

E-Learning Unit
Dr Mark Roberts - Academic Lead for E-Learning
Dr Saj Ranmuthu - Clinical Teaching Fellow
Ms Malgo Miranowicz - E-Technologist

Professional Services

Admissions and Recruitment
Mr Sam Coker - Admissions and Recruitment Manager
Ms Amy Chandler - Deputy Admissions and Recruitment Manager
Ms Rachael Akinola Graduate Entry Admissions and Incoming Electives Administrator
Ms Aian Guled - Admissions Assistant (Malta)
Ms Ania Skorecka - Admissions Administrator: Dental (Maternity leave)
Ms Khalida Razzak - Admissions Administrator: Dental (Maternity cover)
Ms VJ Davidson - Admissions Administrator: Events (Maternity Leave)
Ms Marva Williams - Admissions Administrator (Maternity Cover)
Ms Melanie Henderson - Admissions Administrator

Assessment Unit
Ms Egle Meskevicius-Sadler - Assessment Unit Manager
Mrs Heather Gordon - Deputy Assessment Unit Manager
Ms Amareen Hussain - Assessment Unit Administrator (Parts 1 & 3)
Ms Vaida Minelgaite - Assessment Unit Administrator (Parts 2 & 4)
Ms Anne Musker - Assessment Unit Administrator (Part 5)
Mr Hassan Noshib - Assessment Unit Administrator 
Ms Stephanie Wigg - Prizes Administrator 

Community Based Medical Education
Ms Lynne Magorrian - Community Based Medical Education and Placements Manager
Ms Kate Scurr - Deputy Manager for Community Based Medical Education
Mrs Esi Amankwah - Senior Administrator Year 2 (EPC), Yr 3 & Recruitment
Ms Lorane Smith - Administrator Year 2 MedSoc and Year 5
Mr Jim Manzano - Administrator Year 4 and Communications
Ms Melanie Johnson -  Administrator  Year 1 MedSoc, PA and QA (CBME)

Curriculum Operations
Mr Robert Sprott - Lead Operations Manager
Ms Ann Tyrrell - Clinical Operations Manager
Mr Gilles Paoli- Deputy Operations Manager
Mr Tom Schindler - Deputy Clinical Operations Manager
Mrs Rachel Nakalembe - Deputy Manager MBBS Year 1 and 2
Mrs Rugina Monnan - Deputy Manager MBBS Year 3 and Year 4
Mrs Nadia Sookhroo Curriculum Operations Administrator SSCs (temporary cover)
Ms Sarah Cooney - Curriculum Operations Administrator
Ms Lisa Lewis -  Administrator MBBS Years 3 and 4
Ms Karen Francis - Administrator MBBS Clinical Placements
Mr Adrian Little - Clinical Operations Administrator
Mr Michael Captain - Clinical Operations Administrator
Mr Alex Pearlman- Clinical and Communication Skills and Curriculum Operations Administrator
Mr Lennox Hall - Clinical and Communication Skills Administrator
Mr Andrew Keegan - Intercalated Degrees Administrator

Ms Adriana Coracini - Curriculum Support Administrator (SSCs)
Vacant - Curriculum Operations Administrator Compass / SWARM
Ms Laura Debrincat - Physician Associate Administrator (maternity leave)
Ms Anna Orzech - Physician Associate Administrator (temporary cover)

Finance and Planning
Ms Adebimpe Sanyaolu - Assistant Institute Manager (Finance & Planning)
Ms Kate McFarlane - Finance and Bursaries Manager
Ms Noshin Khan - Records Manager
Ms Ewelina Kolodziejczyk - Finance Assistant 
Ms Ayse Karaoglan - Finance Assistant (SIFT)

Mr Dan Burke - Governance Manager

Learning Resource Unit
Mr Steve Moore - Learning Resource Manager

  • Museum & Galleries:
    Ms Carla Valentine - Pathology Museum Technical Curator / Public Engagement Officer

Quality and Research
Dr Shahrar Ali - Assistant Institute Manager (Quality & Research)
Professor Jo Brown - Head of Quality
Professor Clare Morris - Head of Research
Ms Lynne Magorrian - Placement Quality Manager
Ms Mariyam Begum - Quality Assurance Administrator
Ms Lucy Power - Quality Assurance Administrator

Student Academic and Pastoral Support
Reverend Professor Nicholas Goulding - Head of Student Academic and Pastoral Support
Professor Sandra Nicholson - Head of Student Progression
Dr Siobhan Cooke - Deputy Head of Student Support
Dr Elspeth Alstead - Deputy Head of Student Progression
Dr Sandra Evans - Deputy Dean for Students
Ms Dawn Grover - Student Academic Pastoral Support Manager (temp)
Ms Kate McFarlane - Finance and Bursaries Manager
Mrs Carole Rice - Student Support Administrator
Ms Farzana Ali - Student Support Administrator (SAMDA)

MBBS Malta

Dr Catherine Molyneux - Deputy Dean for Education
Ms Trish Brown - Director of Operations
Angela Rowlands - Senior Lecturer and Head of Student Support
Dr Jean Marie Delalande - Senior Lecturer
Dr John Broad - Senior Lecturer
Dr Elizabeth Prabhakar - Senior Lecturer
Dr Mitesh Patel - Lecturer in Basic Medical Science, 
Dr Albertina Velho - Lecturer in Basic Medical Science
Dr Hayley Derricott - Lecturer in Basic Medical Science
Dr Robert Formosa - Lecturer in Basic Medical Science
James Whitton - Curriculum Operations Manager
Mr Adrian Formosa - Operations and Facilities Manager
Ms Chanell Muscat - Business Support Administrator
Ms Jade Dotse - Programme Officer
Mr Robert Gatt - Learning Management System Administrator
Ms Ellenor Millican - Clincial Skills Technician
Ms Kelly van Pooss - Medical Science Technician
Ms Laurette Dudney - Curriculum Administrator (temp)
Ms Elizabeth Leembruggen - Mental Health Coordinator
Mr Tristen Arkless - Residential Assistant


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