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Professor Sandra Eldridge, BA, MSc, PhD
Professor of Biostatistics, Joint Centre Lead

Tel: 13 2519
Fax: +44 20 7882 2552
Location: Whitechapel, Abernethy Building, 1.20

Sandra gained a degree in Mathematics from Oxford University in 1979. She then spent two years teaching mathematics in secondary schools, first in Nigeria with Voluntary Service Overseas, then in the UK. In 1982 she completed an MSc in Medical Demography at the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine where she worked for several years before moving to London Metropolitan University (formerly City of London Polytechnic) to teach undergraduate statistics. She joined Queen Mary as a lecturer in medical statistics in 1994, working predominantly in primary care. She developed an interest in cluster randomised trials and completed a doctorate focusing on these trials in 2005. She currently carries out methodological research on cluster randomised trials, collaborative research with colleagues at the Institute for Health Sciences, within the Barts and the London Medical school and more widely, as well taking the lead in several postgraduate teaching modules. She was instrumental in setting up the Royal Statistical Society Primary Health care study group in 2002. In 2006 she was promoted to Reader, and in 2007 to Professor. She is currently joint Centre Lead, Institute postgraduate tutor and director of the pragmatic clinical trials unit which was recently awarded full registration by UKCRC.

Research interests:

Sandra's main research interests are cluster randomised trials and complex interventions. She has published the largest and most comprehensive review of the methodology of cluster randomised trials to date, and a paper describing practical ways of allowing for variable cluster size in sample size calculations for cluster randomised trials. More recently she has become interested in developing methods to improve the design of cluster randomised trials of complex interventions, specifically methods of modelling available data in pilot studies to try and identify weaknesses in putative interventiions, and she is now leading the development of a collaborative group to explore this methodology; this group involves researchers from QMUL, UCL, City University, Sheffield, Warwick, Oxford, Melbourne (Australia) and Calgary (Canada). In addition to her methodological research she has responsibility for the statisical design and analysis aspects of a large number of collaborative research projects mostly concerned with the management of chronic conditions; many of these projects involve cluster randomised trials.


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How large should my sample size be for a cluster randomised trial with variable cluster size?
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